[Ended] Lifetime license deal! For limited copies only.

A few weeks ago, I released the Easy Login Styler Pro plugin and got a lot of suggestions and requests for a lifetime license deal. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and we value feedbacks a lot, so we began planning and working a lifetime deal out.

Now, finally, here it is! 🙂 Please read the details and terms below.

This promotion will run for 100 licenses only. This is to ensure good plugin support. So, grab your copy now while it’s available.

To those who had already purchased the Developer plan before this deal was released, the lifetime license is yours!  🙂

Roadmap of Features

We won’t stop with the current features. We already have more features planned out. Here is the list of features to watch out for:

  • More login themes
  • Social Media Login
  • Additional Security option
  • Front-end login support

Usage Terms

The unlimited sites activation will be for your sites and your clients’ websites only. You can’t give the license/plugin for free.

If you have any questions. Just let us know anytime.

Introducing Easy Login Pro –The Easiest Way to Create White Label WordPress Admin Login Page

After countless hours of development and testing, I’m very excited to announce our brand new plugin, Easy Login Styler Pro. This WordPress plugin will let you easily create a beautiful white label WordPress admin login page. Seriously, you can have your dream login page in just a few seconds!

Looks pretty sleek, isn’t it? The teaser video above previews the predesigned templates below. You’ll just have to select which one you think matches the most with your website’s branding.

Easy Login Styler Pro Features Highlight

Below are the Easy Login Pro features you’ll sure get worked up about!

Predesigned Login Templates

Each admin login template above has styling unique from each other. Select the perfect one for your website; then, you just have to change the color and background image/s if you want to.

Background Slideshow

Introducing Easy Login Pro --The Easiest Way to Create White Label WordPress Admin Login Page

Make your white label WordPress admin login page more stylish by using background slideshow. When uploading the background image, just select multiple images, and it will automatically be displayed as slideshow. No need for extra checkbox 😉 Easy!

Multiple Layouts

Select from Layout Alignments

Love the template but you want it right or center aligned? Easy Login Styler Pro also provides easy selection for layouts. Powered by customizer, you’ll see the changes live for you to select the perfect layout for your website.

Colors and Styling

Customize WordPress admin login page easily using colorpickers
Customize admin login page easily using colorpickers

Color scheme is one of the most critical for branding, so we’ve provided an easy way for you to match the white label WordPress admin login page to your brand. Using color pickers, just select the right color and see the changes live, too. Easy Login Styler Pro provides the following styling options.

  • Font Settings
  • Login Section Background
  • Text Field Linear or Boxed Options
  • Text Field Background, Border & Text Colors
  • Button Width and Border Radius Settings
  • Buttons Background, Border & Text Colors
  • Error and Notice Background, Border & Text Colors

Upload Your Logo

Add your logo to have a complete white label login page. You can also customize the logo shape, size, and alignments. You’ll have all the controls you need.

Text, Title and Labels

Yep, the default labels sometimes need to be changed, so we are giving you this power. Whether you need it to display your own text or to add cooler labels, it’s totally up to you. 😉 

Login Redirects & Custom CSS

Custom Login Redirect and CSS
Custom Login Redirect and CSS

If you need to redirect users when logged in to a welcome page or sales page, we’ve also provided an easy option for you. You just need to add the redirect link, and it will be applied automatically. If you want to add Custom CSS, the floor is yours. 😉 

That’s it for version 1.0! I hope you love the features as much as I do. There’s a lot of plans for the upcoming features, too! If you have any suggestions, just leave them through the comment form below. Get Easy Login Styler Pro now and start customizing your WordPress admin login page! Use coupon code GETEASY to get the 30% introductory discount. Valid until October 31, 2018 only.