How to Setup WordPress Login Page to Match your Brand

This article is the complete guide on how to use Easy Login Styler Pro for setting up a WordPress login page that perfectly matches your brand. You’ll now have the perfect option to white label the admin login page easily.

Without further ado, lets get started.

1. Install and Activate Easy Login Styler Pro WordPress Plugin

After getting your copy of Easy Login Styler Pro, proceed to installation and plugin activation. You probably already got into the plugin’s welcome page after activating your license code. Perfect! Go on to the next step.

2. Select Your Perfect Login Template

Click the Style Your Login Page Now button on the welcome page (check the image above. ) You will be automatically redirected to the template selection option powered by WordPress Customizer for you to see the layout previews before saving it.

We’ve provided 10+ predesigned login themes that you can choose from. Each one of them has unique design, so choose the one that will best fit your website. If you like a template that doesn’t have the colors that match your site, don’t worry. This will be solved easily with the next step below.

3. Customize Colors & Styling to Match Your Brand Identity

Congratulations on selecting your templates by the way. Now let’s proceed to matching the color scheme with that of your brand.

Navigate to Colors & Styling Settings

Just navigate to Colors & Styling settings on the customizer. Aside from color pickers for styling, you’ll also have option to change the login page’s font family.

Video will starts at Styling & Customization Settings

Here are the list of options:

  • Font Settings
  • Login Section Background
  • Text Field Linear or Boxed Options
  • Text Field Background, Border & Text Colors
  • Button Width and Border Radius Settings
  • Buttons Background, Border & Text Colors
  • Error and Notice Background, Border & Text Colors

4. Change Background Image or Add Background Slideshow

Navigate to Background & Images. If you want to use your own image as background, just click the Select Images button to upload one; then use the image.

How to Setup WordPress Login Page to Match your Brand
Multiple images selected for background slideshow

Selecting multiple images will automatically create a background slideshow. Try it! It’ll be really cool!

5. Change Layout

Not really impressed with the form position after adding the image and think it would fit better if you centered or right aligned the form? Just go to Layout settings and select which one fits the best! Just a note, centered layout is not available in all templates.

6. Upload Website Logo

Your branding won’t be complete without your beautiful logo on it! Simply upload and customize your logo on the Logo settings. Pretty easy!

Video will play at Custom Logo Settings

7. Change Title and Text Labels

If you want to change the Log In text or add custom descriptions, we’ve provided the best option to easily change them. Just go to Titles & Labels option to change text display. You can also change the alignment on this settings page.

8. Add Custom Redirect or CSS codes

Lastly, if you want to redirect users to a welcome page after login, just set the redirect url under Redirects & Extras. In this settings page, you can also add custom CSS code if you are up to it! If you need any help on customization, just let us know and we’ll do the best we can to help. 

How to Setup WordPress Login Page to Match your Brand
Custom Redirect & CSS

That’s all! You now have the login page you wish you had before. If you have any questions just use our support page and we’ll get back to you immediately.

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